Where Left Meets Right – KABOOM!




Nov 27, 2007

They’re fueling up and performing their pre-launch checks folks. Perhaps no other candidate in recent history will provide more blood in the water for starving, attack sharks than Hillary Clinton. This sure-fire, already elected candidate will have to face a virtual world, onslaught of scrutiny like never seen before.

Does anyone not realize the potential power of conservative talk radio and the blogosphere in the looming election cycle? Do people honestly believe that even if the alleged, “Main Stream Media” does give Hillary a hall pass on hard coverage of controversial stories about her, that she will be able to survive the firestorm of criticism that is being coordinated and scheduled for release at “just the right moment” in the campaign.

What will be questioned? Well, just to mention a few…

The mystical appearance of those missing Whitewater papers in her White House quarters, Travelgate, the Norman Hsu campaign contributions, the release of the four month old Larry Craig story the same day as the Norman Hsu story broke, document shredding, the Lincoln bedroom rent-outs, Vincent Foster, cattle futures, her mysterious “locked & secret” college papers and the grand-daddy of them all, that when unleashed will demand headlines and calls for her demise, the “Hillary Uncensored” video, showing in picture and sound, outright deceit and lies from the candidate herself regarding illicit campaign contributions and her total involvement and knowledge of them. And, oh yeah, did I mention – Bill Clinton? Don’t want to leave him out.

Those who have anointed her President had better take a second look. Her own party is creating a feeding frenzy over decency and honesty (as they should) regarding the republican sleaze exposure of the last few years. As the democrats are demanding that republicans be scrutinized and held accountable on the basis of morality and honesty, will their current front-runner be held to the same standard by themselves? The Democratic Party has unwittingly created the yardstick that might well be the downfall of their very own candidate.

No worry though. As the Democrats bury their heads in the sand while fawning over the prospect of re-gaining the White House, those of the opposite persuasion will unleash their media genies in a blitzkrieg of technological shock and awe.

If Hillary survives the onslaught, and we as a nation accept her as our leader, yet another sleaze-filled administration will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s time for every decent democrat out there to wake up and realize that the strongest candidate might not be the “right” candidate. Do the right thing and field a moral, decent person as the Democratic Party’s candidate. They just might win.


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